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Commercial Property Insurance Program
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 Are Tenants Screened for Credit  yes  no
 Pets Allowed  yes  no
 Management on Site 24/7  yes  no
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Age of Property:
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 Fire Alarm  yes  no
 Fire Sprinklers  yes  no
Trash Chutes  yes  no
Alarm Security System  yes monitored
Are stairways equipped with self closing fire doors   yes  no na
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 Sleeping Area
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 Kitchen  yes  no
Common Corridors
 yes  no na
 Fireplaces in Units
 yes no
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Automatic earthquake gas shut off installed   yes  no
Guards on Site   yes  no
 Armed Guards  yes  no
Emergency Lighting   yes  no
Evacuation Plan Posted   yes  no
Chemicals On Premises   yes  no
Secured in Storage   yes  no
Number of Pools:
Number of Hot Tubs:
Diving Boards:
Slides to the Pool:
 yes  no
 Dimensions in Compliance with Local Ordinance  yes  no
 Rules Posted:  yes  no
 Life Saving Equipment in Pool Area
 yes  no
Number of Playgrounds:
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 Protective Surface:  yes  no
Rules Posted :  yes  no
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Rules Posted:
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Senior Living
Student Housing :
HUD / Section 8 :
Recreation Center:
Picnic Area:
Athletic Courts:
List Other:
 Any Commercial Cooking  yes  no

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gas charcoal

 Facility On Site
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 Community Laundry Facility
 yes  no
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 Athletic Amenities  yes  no
Clubhouse   yes   no
 Lakes / Ponds  yes   no
Pools / Spas   yes   no
Playgrounds   yes  no
 Security On Site:  yes  no
 Umbrella Policy In Place  yes  no
 BOP Policy
 yes   no
General Aggregate $2m
Personal Injury $1m
Each Occurrence $1m
Fire Damage $100K
Medical Expense:
Bodily Injury:
Per Occurrence:
Property Damage:
Per Occurrence:
Property Deductible $10K
Resident Cause Damage Deductible $100k
Crime Deductible $500
Personal Property Inflation Guard:
Does your business own cars, trucks or other commercial vehicles?   yes   no
  Does your company have officers and/or a board of directors?  yes   no
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